Kulmala M., Bäck J., Laaksonen A., Nikinmaa E., Riekkola M.-L., Vesala T., Viisanen Y., and the FCoE Team

Finnish CoE in physics, chemistry, biology and meteorology of atmospheric composition and climate change


Lauri A., Bäck J., Vesala T., Malila J., Laaksonen A., and Kulmala M.

Excellence in training and knowledge transfer


Asmi A., Kulmala M., and rest of EUCAARI team

EUCAARI - 3rd year of integrated European research


Hari P., Kulmala L., Nikinmaa E., Bäck J., Pumpanen J., Vesala T., Tuomenvirta H., and Kulmala M.

Physical and physiological forest ecology


Kulmala M., Sorvari S., and EINAR writing team

Atmospheric research and European research landscape: EINAR initiative


Reissel A.

iLEAPS, the Land Ecosystem - Atmosphere Processes Study: international research from molecular to global scale


Vesala T., Kulmala L., Nyman M., Sorvari S., Haapanala S., Kolari P., Lehtinen K., Laurila T., and Viisanen Y.

Towards near real time greenhouse gas observation system



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Discrepancies between BVOC emissions and atmospheric concentrations due to inherited chemotype effect


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Snowpack concentrations of volatile organic compounds in a boreal forest


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Optical airmass limitation of AOD measurements at high latitudes


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Investigating CO2 flows at night time high stability conditions in Scots pine forest


Anttila T., Kerminen V.-M., and Lehtinen K. E. J.

Approximative treatment of nuclei self-coagulation in an aerosol formation parameterization


Asmi A., Wiedensohler A., Hirdman D., Laj P., and rest of EUSAAR community

Preliminary results of EUSAAR-EUCAARI size distribution analysis over Europe


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Analysis of new particle formation events from four years of continuous measurements in Indian Himalayas


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Optical properties of a heated aerosol in an urban atmosphere: a case study


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Evaluation of SALSA microphysical model implementation within ECHAM5-HAM


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Pros and cons for organic compounds against sulfuric acid playing a crucial role in the formation of atmospheric particles


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Sources of ambient fine organic particles in Helsinki during spring 2009


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Laboratory studies of nanoparticle formation from sulphuric acid and biogenic organic compounds at atmospheric concentrations


Ehn M., Junninen H., Petäjä T., Schobesberger S., Sipilä M., Kulmala M., and Worsnop D.

A high-resolution mass spectrometer to measure atmospheric ion composition


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Ambient small ion composition during new particle formation events measured with the APi-TOF


Franchin A., Siivola E., Lehtipalo K., Petäjä T., and Kulmala M.

Design and characterization of a double Gerdien ion counter


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Intercomparison of air ion spectrometers: a guide for data analysis


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Factors influencing ion-induced nucleation in a boreal forest


Gagné S., Leppä J., Petäjä T., Laakso L., and Kulmala M.

Charging state and new particle formation in Helsinki, Finland


Haapanala S., Hakola H., Hellén H., Vestenius M., Levula J., and Rinne J.

Is forest management a significant source of VOCs into the atmosphere?


Hakala J., Mikkilä J., Ehn M., Siivola E., Kulmala M., and Petäjä T.

Indirect aerosol chemical composition measurements with a VH-TDMA


Hakola H., and Hellén H.

On-line biogenic VOC emission measurements


Hamed A., Korhonen H., Sihto S.-L., Joutsensaari J., Järvinen H., Petäjä T., Nieminen T., Smith J. N., Kulmala M., Lehtinen K. E. J., and Laaksonen A.

High relative humidity suppresses continental new particle formation events


Hannukainen M. I., Hölttä T., Sevanto S., Nikinmaa E., and Vesala T.

Understanding tree water transport measurement techniques and their detailed information related to night time variations in stem diameter


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Mass yields of secondary organic aerosols from the oxidation of real plant emissions


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Concentrations of NMHCs in ambient air of Arctic and Antarctic


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CFD and nucleation in the water-sulfuric acid-system


Hirsikko A., Nieminen T., Kulmala M., Kerminen V.-M., Manninen H. E., Gagné S., Lehtipalo K., Laakso L., Vana M., Hõrrak U., Mirme A., Mirme S., and Tammet H.

Overview on small ions in the atmosphere


Hulkkonen M., Dal Maso M., Riuttanen L., Junninen H., and Kulmala M.

Trajectory-based source area analysis of atmospheric SO2, NOx, CO2, O3 and particulate matter from the perspective of a Finnish measurement station in 1996-2008


Huttunen J., Arola A., Mielonen T., Mikkonen S., Myhre G., Schafer J., Tripathi S. N., Komppula M., and Lehtinen K. E. J.

Aerosol direct net radiative effect efficiency determined for different continents


Hyvärinen A.-P., Kolmonen P., Kerminen V.-M., Virkkula A., Leskinen A., Komppula M., Aalto P., Kulmala M., Lehtinen K. E. J., Viisanen Y., and Lihavainen H.

Aerosol black carbon at five background measurement sites in Northern Europe


Hölttä T., Sevanto S., Vesala T., and Nikinmaa E.

Detecting phloem transport in stem diameter changes


Hölttä T., Vesala T., Nikinmaa E., Laaksonen A., and Kulmala M.

Nucleation of supercooled and superheated water in nature


Jaatinen A., Hyvärinen A.-P., Romakkaniemi S., Hao L., Kortelainen A., Miettinen P., Smith J. N., and Laaksonen A.

Hygroscopic growth and CCN activity of aerosol particles during the 3rd Pallas Cloud Experiment


Julin J., Napari I., and Vehkamäki H.

Sizes of critical and equilibrium clusters from molecular dynamics simulations


Juurola E., Korhonen J. F., Porcar-Castell A., Bäck J., Hölttä T., and Nikinmaa E.

The changes in raffinose concentration in Scots pine trees after girdling - link to photosynthetic down regulation


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BVOC emissions from a boreal Siberian larch forest


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Water adsorption on ammounium sulfate and silica nanoparticles


Kivekäs N., Hyvärinen A., Asmi E., Spiegel J., and Lihavainen H.

Using two DMPS:s for estimating cloud droplet number concentration during the third Pallas Cloud Experiment


Kolari P., and Nikinmaa E.

Productivity of boreal trees in changing climate


Korhonen H., Carslaw K. S., Forster P. M., Mikkonen S., Gordon N. D., and Kokkola H.

Sea spray induced cloud changes over the southern hemisphere oceans due to climate change


Korhonen J. F. J., Norbo A., Kieloaho A.-J., Vesala T., and Pihlatie M. K.

A method to decrease random and systematic errors in static chamber flux calculations


Korhonen J. F. J., Pihlatie M. K., Pumpanen J., Vesala T., Nikinmaa E., and Hari P.

Canopy nitrogen uptake and DON fluxes in a boreal Scots pine forest


Kortelainen A., Hao L., Miettinen P., Jaatinen A., Smith J. N., and Laaksonen A.

Aerosol chemical composition measurements with HR-TOF-AMD in Hyytiälä 2009


Kulmala L., Pumpanen J., Pohja T., Laakso H., Siivola E., Hari P., and Vesala T.

A novel automatic chamber to measure soil CO2 efflux


Kyrö E.-M., Virkkula A., Asmi E., Manninen H. E., Aalto P. P., Petäjä T., and Kulmala M.

Boundary layer nucleation events at an Antarctic site


Laitinen T., Ehn M., Junninen H., Ruiz-Jimenez J., Parshintsev J., Hartonen K., Riekkola M.-L., Worsnop D., and Kulmala M.

Determination of organic compounds from 10 to 50 nanometer particles in boreal forest with two-step laser desorption ionization aerosol mass spectrometry and comparison to other techniques


Lallo M., Aalto T., Hatakka J., and Laurila T.

Hydrogen soil deposition and model results at Kumpula


Lappalainen H. K., Sevanto S., Dal Maso M., Taipale R., Kajos M. K., and Bäck J.

Modelling BVOC day-time concentrations


Laurila T., Aurela M., Asmi E., Hatakka J., Lihavainen H., Hyvärinen A.-P., Uttal T., Resetnikov A., Ivakhov V., Makstas A. P., Viisanen Y., Laaksonen A., and Taalas P.

Long-term measurements of greenhouse gases and aerosols at Siberian Arctic site, Tiksi


Lehtipalo K., Sipilä M., Junninen H., Ehn M., Petäjä T., and Kulmala M.

Observations of nocturnal atmospheric nano-CN


Leppä J., Kerminen V.-M., Lehtinen K. E. J., Anttila T., and Kulmala M.

Aspects of numerical modeling of growth of charged and neutral nucleation mode particles at atmospheric conditions


Lindén A., Heinonsalo J., and Pumpanen J.

Stability of recalcitrant soil organic matter (SOM) in boreal forests from the "underground perspective"


Linkosalmi M., Lohila A., Biasi C., Pumpanen J., Minkkinen K., Ojanen P., and Laurila T.

The impact of soil nutrient status on carbon dynamics in forested peatlands - combining continuous flux measurements and isotopic methods


Lohila, A., Minkkinen, K., Laine, J., Savolainen, I., Tuovinen, J.-P., Korhonen, L., Laurila, T., and Laaksonen, A.

Impact of peatland forestation on carbon cycle and biophysical effects


Loukonen V., and Vehkamäki H.

The effect of contact angle and condensation seed particle radius on the onset of heterogeneous nucleation


Makkonen R., Asmi A., Korhonen H., Romakkaniemi S., Kerminen V.-M., Laaksonen A., Lehtinen K. E. J., Hari P., and Kulmala M.

Global modeling of aerosol-cloud interactions


Malila J., McGraw R., Napari I., and Laaksonen A.

Nucleation theorems for nonisothermal condensed phase nucleation from nonideal vapour


Mammarella I.

A short comment on the dissimilarity between temperature and other scalar quantities measured in the atmospheric surface layer under unstable stratification


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Extensive ion spectrometer measurements to study new-particle formation in Europe


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CCN properties from H-TDMA measurements in Hyytiälä


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Statistical approximation and prediction of atmospheric sulphuric acid concentration with meteorological and trace gas measurement data


Mogensen D., Smolander S., Sinha V., Williams J., and Boy M.

Modelling atmospheric OH-reactivity


Mølgaard B., Hussein T., and Hämeri K.

Cluster analysis to atmospheric observations at SMEAR III


Neitola K., Brus D., Petäjä T., Sipilä M., Hyvärinen A.-P., Lihavainen H., and Kulmala M.

Sensitivity of sulfuric acid concentration to relative humidity and to inlet flow temperature: preliminary results


Nieminen T., Dal Maso M., Riipinen I., Manninen H. E., Petäjä T., Aalto P. P., Kerminen V.-M., Hari P., and Kulmala M.

14 years of observations of atmospheric particle formation in Hyytiälä, Finland


Nikinmaa E., Susiluoto J., and Hölttä T.

Stomatal behavior of trees and their gas exchange can be derived from water and assimilate transport needs


Nordbo A., Launiainen S., Mammarella I., Leppäranta M., Houtari J., Ojala A., and Vesala T.

Micrometeorology and energy balance of a small boreal lake


Olascoaga B., Porcar-Castell A., Juurola E., Bäck J., and Nikinmaa E.

Effect of epicuticular waxes on the absorptance of visible light in Scots pine needles (Pinus Sylvestris L.): influence of needle age and position in the canopy


Ortega I. K., Kurtén T., Wilkman O., Loukonen V., Vehkamäki H., and Kulmala M.

From quantum mechanics to evaporation rates


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Sulphuric acid and low-volatility organic vapours in atmospheric nucleation


Paramonov M., Virkkula A., Grönholm T., Göke S., and Laakso L.

Below-cloud scavenging of aerosol particles by snow at an urban site in Finland


Parshintsev J., Kivilompolo M., Ruiz-Jimenez J., Hartonen K., Kulmala M., and Riekkola M.-L.

Particle-into-liquid sampler on-line coupled with liquid chromatography - mass spectrometry for the determination of organic acids in atmospheric aerosols


Partanen A.-I., Kokkola H., Romakkaniemi S., Dobbie S., Carslaw K., and Korhonen H.

Geoengineering with sea spray: aerosol direct and indirect effects


Patokoski J., Grönholm T., Taipale R., Ruuskanen T. M., Kajos M. K., and Rinne J.

VOC concentration and variation in high latitude urban and rural location


Peltola O., Mammarella I., and Vesala T.

Comparison of eddy covariance fluxes calculated with two different coordinate rotation methods


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Sulfuric acid dimer formation in laminar flow tube experiments


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Finnish volcano ash balloon mission: instrumentation and initial assessment


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Representations of cloud droplet activation properties for surface active organic aerosol


Pumpanen J., Kulmala L., Hari P., Vargas R., Ojala A., Vesala T., and Nikinmaa E.

Application of CO2 concentration gradient method for determining soil respiratory fluxes and time delays between photosynthesis and soil respiration


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Physicochemical properties and origin of organic components detected by an aerosol mass spectometer


Rantala P., Taipale R., and Rinne J.

Determining the high-frequency performance of eddy covariance measurements with proton transfer reaction - mass spectrometer


Rasilo T., Ojala A., and Pumpanen J.

DOC concentration in various compartments of a forested boreal catchment and responses to rain events


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Atmospheric nucleation: no connection between galactic cosmic rays and particle formation events


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Using observations of ultrafine particle growth to improve model description of organic condensation


Rinne J., Ghirardo A., Koch K., Taipale R., Zimmer I., and Schnitzler J.-P.

Origin of monoterpene emissions from boreal tree species: determination of de novo and pool emissions by 13CO2 labeling


Romakkaniemi S., Arola A., Kokkola H., Tuch Th. Smith J., Korhonen H., and Laaksonen A.

Effect of aerosol size distribution on AOD, CCN and cloud droplet concentration: a case study from Erfurt, Germany


Romakkaniemi S., Kokkola H., Smith J., Prisle N., Schwier A. N., McNeill V. F., and Laaksonen A.

Partitioning of semivolatile surface active compounds between bulk, surface and gas phase


Ruiz-Jimenez J., Parshintsev J., Hartonen K., Riekkola M.-L., Petäjä T., and Kulmala M.

Aerosolomics profiling: application to biogenic and anthropogenic samples


Ruusuvuori K., Kurtén T., Vehkamäki H., Ortega I. K., Toivola M., and Kulmala M.

Density-functional study of the sign preference of tungsten oxide seed particles


Schobesberger S., Virkkula A., Pohja T., Aalto P. P., Petäjä T., Siivola E., Franchin A., and Kulmala M.

Airborne measurements of aerosols in the lower troposphere over southern Finland during 2009


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Seasonal variation of CCN concentrations and aerosol activation properties in boreal forest


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Resolving the mystery of sulphuric acid in atmospheric nucleation


Taipale R., Ruuskanen T. M., and Rinne J.

Lag time methods in DEC measurements with PTR-MS


Timonen H., Aurela M., Carbone S., Saarnio K., Saarikoski S., Mäkelä T., Kulmala M., Kerminen V.-M., Worsnop D. R., and Hillamo R.

Chemical characterization of the water-soluble fraction of ambient aerosols by using high-time resolution measurement techniques


Toivola M., Kurtén T., Ortega I. K., Loukonen V., Vehkamäki H., and Kulmala M.

Quantum chemical studies on the sulfuric acid addition to the small clusters of sulfur containing compounds


Tomasic M., Smolander S., Vesala T., Raivonen M., Markkanen T., Backman L., and Laaksonen A.

Modelling the methane emissions from northern peatland with the JSBACH model


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Anthropogenic affect on boreal nucleation particles


Vakkari V., Laakso H., Mabaso D., Molefe M., Kgabi N., Kulmala M., and Laakso L.

Seasonal behaviour of new particle formation in a semi-clean savannah environment


Vana M., Manninen H. E., Nieminen T., Gagné S., Lehtipalo K., Sipilä M., Ceburnis D., O'Dowd C. D., and Kulmala M.

Air ions and charging state of atmospheric nanoparticles at the Mace Head research station


Vanhanen J., Mikkilä J., Sipilä M., Berndt T., and Kulmala M.

A new particle size magnifier for detection of sub - 2nm particles


Vehkamäki H., Loukonen V., Ruusuvuori K., Kurtén T., Ortega I. K., Toivola M., Julin J., Napari I., McGrath M., Väänänen R., Herrmann E., and Kulmala M.

Molecular modelling of molecular clusters related to atmospheric particle formation


Vesala T., Hölttä T., Juurola E., Sevanto S., Riipinen I., Hari P., Mencuccini M., and Nikinmaa E.

Significance of the Kelvin effect to water transport of trees and carbon assimilation


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PAHs in air in Virolahti, Finland, in 2007-2008. Seasonal variation and source apportionment


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Arrangement and preliminary results of a prescribed forest burning experiment in south-western Finland in June 2009


Vuollekoski H., Boy M., Kerminen V.-M., Lehtinen K. E. J., and Kulmala M.

Estimating concentrations of condensing vapors - a Markov chain Monte Carlo approach


Väänänen R., Nieminen T., Dal Maso M., Virkkula A., Svenningsson B., Kivekäs N., Holst T., Arneth A., and Kulmala M.

Comparison of particle size distributions and new particle formation events between Värriö, Pallas and Abisko stations in northern Scandinavia


Yli-Juuti T., Zardini A. A., Koponen I. K., Kulmala M., Bilde M., Pagels J., Eriksson A., Swietlicki E., Worsnop D., and Riipinen I.

Evaporation of organic / inorganic aqueous solution droplets: flow tube experiments and model predictions


Zhou L., Smolander S., Kurtén T., Sogachev A., Guenther A., and Boy M.

Assessing a NOx mitigation technique in an extreme methane concentration scenario: The chemical and climatic consequences of rising methane and NOx concentration levels in the troposphere