WP5: Cryosphere-aerosol-cloud-climate interactions


WP-leader: Merete Bilde, email: mbilde (at) kiku.dk

Co-WP-leader: Birgitta Svenningsson, email: birgitta.svenningssin (at) nuclear.lu.se

Co-WP-leader: Erik Swietlicki, email: erik.swietlicki (at) nuclear.lu.se


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The aim is to gain detailed understanding of the relation between the cryosphere, aerosols and clouds, as well as their climate feedbacks in the Arctic, with a combination of field and lab studies and modeling. The objectives are to analyze:

- the contributions of natural and anthropogenic aerosol types in the North (primary, secondary, BC and their combinations) to different cloud types

- how cloud properties (radiative influence, microstructure and precipitation) depend on aerosol characteristics

- how these properties change moving into and out of the Arctic, and how they have changed and will change over the coming decades

This is done by a combination of 1) field studies including existing long-term data sets as well as new Arctic field data. Key components are Cloud Condensation Nuclei counters, the Droplet Aerosol Analyzer, and radiation measurements, together with aerosol data from WP 3 and 4. In addition Ice Nuclei counters are developed and deployed as part of this project; 2) satellite retrievals of cloud properties and extent; 3) laboratory studies on ice nucleating properties of aerosols and cloud droplet formation ability of e.g. organics from the Arctic sea surface water; 4) detailed modeling of the quantum chemistry and microphysics of ice nucleation; 5) process-based modeling evaluated against field observations generate parameterizations to be supplied to ESMs in WP8.