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INAR seminar
Friday, 18. May 2018, 02:15pm

Friday 18th May 14:15 in Physicum E207
Carbon Flows from Canopy to Ocean in the Anthropocene: Budgets, variability
and trends
Pierre Regnier

The transfers and transformations of carbon (C) along the land to ocean
aquatic continuum (LOAC) have recently been recognized as an important
component of the global carbon cycle, not only for the mean, but also with
regard to past and future changes. Although the LOAC C budget is increasingly
constrained at the global scale, large uncertainties remain regarding its
present-day spatio-temporal variability and virtually nothing is known
regarding past and future trends in LOAC C fluxes, and especially not in
quantitative terms.
This contribution synthesizes the recent advances in global and regional LOAC
C cycle research. First, we present a revised atmosphere-aquatic systems CO2
flux estimate at high spatial resolution (from streams to open ocean), which
was generated using a combination of artificial neural networks and
multivariate statistical methods for marine and freshwaters, respectively. We
present the dominant latitudinal patterns and also discuss the temporality in
air-water CO2 fluxes, with a focus on rivers and shelves. Second, we zoom in
on several hotpots (Amazon and boreal-pan Arctic systems) and provide a full
C cycle analysis, from canopy to ocean, also highlighting the key knowledge
gaps before a closed C budget can be achieved for these regions. Finally, we
touch upon the latest progresses in quantifying and attributing changes in
land to ocean C fluxes over the historical period and in the future, which
are needed for the integration of the LOAC C cycle in the anthropogenic CO2

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