CoE ATM Science Forum is a series of seminars for all Center of Excellence members from Physicum, Dynamicum, Chemicum, Viikki and Kuopio. The Science Forum offers an excellent possibility to hear what is going on within the Center of Excellence, and to get in contact with other research groups. The seminars are organized in Dynamicum in Kumpula once in two months. One seminar takes two hours and includes a tutorial by a professor and a scientific presentation by a Post Doc or a PhD-student. Coffee will always be served!

The seminars will also be available via video connection for people in Kuopio. Welcome!

The seminars of the year 2016 are:

20. January at 14.15-16.00:
'Arctic research and services at FMI' by prof. Yrjö Viisanen (30 min.)
'Regional modelling activities at the Finnish Meteorological Institute' by a senior research scientist Joni-Pekka Pietikäinen (30 min.)

28. April at 14.15-16.00:
‘Ecosystem processes’ by Prof. Jaana Bäck (30 min.)
‘Optics of Photosynthesis Laboratory: Turning light into physiological data’ by Doc. Albert Porcar-Castell (30 min.)

III – Place exceptionally Exactum A111
27. May at 13.00:
‘From molecular clustering to global climate and air quality’ by Markku Kulmala
’Tutkimuksesta innovaatioita - klustereista turvalliseen lentoliikenteeseen’ by Mikko Sipilä
’CLOUD-kokeet Cernissä - ilmakehän kaasuista pilvipisaroiksi’ by Katrianne Lehtipalo
’Massaspektrometrit avainasemassa - molekyyleistä klustereiksi’ by Nina Sarnela
‘New particle formation in the free troposphere - a question of chemistry and timing’ by Federico Bianchi


The seminars of the year 2015 are:

27. February at 14.15-16.00:
'Scientific visualization' by Jyrki Hokkanen, CSC (5 min.)
'Feedback loops and strategic research' by prof. Markku Kulmala (30 min.)
'Organic aerosol formation: Importance of vapor volatility' by Dr. Mikael Ehn (30 min.)

Watch a recording of the seminar here (due to some technical difficulties, the Power Point presentation is not visible in the beginning - please be patient).

16. April at 15.15-17.00
'ICOS as a tool to study biogeochemical cycles' by prof. Timo Vesala (30 min.) - Watch a recording of the seminar here
'Surface-atmosphere interactions in high-latitude cities - from micro- to city-scale' by Dr. Leena Järvi (30 min.) - Watch a recording of the seminar here

13. August at 14.30 organized exceptionally in Hyytiälä (video connection is available for everyone via internet)
'SMEAR-station enables top-level atmospheric research in Finland' by Academy prof. Markku Kulmala
'Residence artisti at SMEAR-station 2013-2014' by media artist Agnes Meyer-Brandis

9. November at 14.15-16.00:
'Studies on Secondary Organic Aerosols' by prof. Annele Virtanen (30 min.) - Watch a recording of the seminar here
'Production of Biogenic Secondary Organic Aerosol from Real Plant Emissions in a Flow Tube Reactor' by Dr. Celia Faiola (30 min.) - Watch a recording of the seminar here

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