iLEAPS Scientific Steering Committee

The iLEAPS Scientific Steering Committee (SSC) members are scientists selected from the international environmental research community. New iLEAPS SSC members are appointed by the Scientific Committee of IGBP (SC-IGBP) on the basis of their scientific expertise and serve for a period of three years with the possibility of one renewal period.

The SSC guides the overall direction and development of the project and, in accordance with the IGBP terms of reference, the major tasks of the SSC are to:

  • provide scientific guidance to and oversee the development, planning and implementation of iLEAPS
  • encourage the promotion and wide awareness of iLEAPS amongst science communities including publication of results with an appropriate form of acknowledgement of IGBP and ICSU support
  • demonstrate progress and achievements by defining and monitoring milestones and results
  • encourage national governments, regional and international funding agencies to support the implementation of iLEAPS and the achievement of it's goals by providing adequate support to the necessary national, regional and international research
  • encourage collaboration between iLEAPS and other IGBP and International Programmes and Agencies concerned with the scientific study and assessment of global change; specifically, some SSC members will serve as liaison with one other partner activity within IGBP (e.g., the Global Land Project, IGAC, etc) and the partner programmes in the ESSP