Special Issue on "Natural Aerosols in a Changing Climate" to be published in Advances in Meteorology.

We invite you to contribute original research articles or review articles that will improve the continuing efforts to understand the interaction between natural aerosol and climate. Potential topics:
* Characterization of source, chemical transformation, transport, and removal of natural aerosols
* Measurement of optical, chemical, and microphysical properties of natural aerosols
* Role of natural aerosol in air/marine pollution, acid rain, and high-altitude meteorology
* Direct and indirect radiative effects by natural aerosols
* Role of dust in biogeochemistry and climate
* Change of natural aerosols in response to a changing climate and feedback on climate and the earth system

Submision deadline: 28 February 2014. More information at: http://www.hindawi.com/journals/amet/si/379038/cfp/