New ESA activity

European Space Agency (ESA) intends to start an activity entitled "Coupled Atmosphere-Biosphere Virtual Lab" (CAB-LAB) within the framework of the Support to Science Element (STSE). The activity is an ESA contribution to the Integrated Land Ecosystem-Atmosphere Process Study (iLEAPS) initiative, which is the land-atmosphere component of the International Geosphere and Biosphere Programme. The activity will aim to advance our capability to detect, attribute and understand evolving interactions within the Biosphere-Atmosphere coupled system by analysing large amount of Earth Observations data through sophisticated statistical and machine learning techniques. In particular, the activity will develop an integrated data sets and a series of indices capturing multiple changes or extreme situations in the coupled land-atmosphere system. 

Invitation to Tender is open until 15 September 2014 at tender system EMITS: (see reference AO7919).