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Welcome to the ABS Teachers' Workshop to be held in Helsinki, 14-15 December 2017! For more information and registration, please contact the network coordinator Katja Lauri.

Programme description

In Nordic countries there is already a long tradition of environmental research and environmental protection. Many of the world's leading research groups are located in Nordic countries. The education in the Master's Degree Programmes of the ABS network is based on high-quality research carried out at the network sites.

The programmes are very multidisciplinary, involving a versatile education on atmospheric sciences covering physical phenomena, atmospheric chemistry, meteorology, natural geography and ecology. Part of the content of the programmes is related to the interactions between ecosystems and the atmosphere.

There are six study lines in the ABS network programmes: aerosol science, atmospheric chemistry and analysis, biogeochemical cycles, geophysics of the hydrosphere, meteorology, and remote sensing. Some of the courses and network activities include also social science approaches.

Studies in the programmes of the ABS network give a deeper understanding of e.g. the following phenomena:

Students interested in applying to the programmes should contact the national sites accepting applications.

Institutions that would like to become a site of the network should contact the coordinator.

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