Airmodus offers Particle Size Magnifier systems that allow you to detect particles as small as 1 nm in diameter; easy to use Condensation Particle Counters with a cut-off size fit for your measurement needs; and special mass spectrometer inlets for the detection of challenging gaseous compounds. With Airmodus technologies, researchers can now observe clusters of molecules and the nucleated particles as small as 1 nm. And, further learn about the particle growth using the activation spectra of 1-4 nm particles, both charged and neutral. Website:


Dekati Ltd. has provided high quality instrumentation for fine particle measurements successfully for over 20 years. Our measurement solutions include complete fine particle measurement setups including both sample conditioning and particle detection. Dekati manufactures and develops all instruments in Kangasala, Finland. Website:


The new Aerodynamic Aerosol Classifier (AAC) is fast establishing itself as a unique classifier of aerosol particles by aerodynamic diameter, for true monodisperse aerosol selection without charging artefacts over a size range of 25nm – 5µm.

To learn more, visit our exhibition booth at the 2018 NOSA-FAAR Symposium
Visit for a list of third party technical papers using Cambustion products.


As an international leader in measurement technology for over 50 years, TSI Incorporated ( ) designs and manufactures precision instruments that are recognized as industry leading worldwide.
During NOSA 2018, the TSI team will present: The 4 th and latest generation of butanol Condensation Particle Counters (CPC) that come with many new featu res and data access options. They were also designed to work best in TSI’s latest Scanning Mobility Particle Sizer (SMPS ® ) system to deliver the highest level of sizing accuracy and fastest measurements. A wide range of Micro - Orifice Uniform Deposition Imp actors (MOUDI™) for sampling and collecting of particles as well as the new QCM - MOUDI™ for real - time aerosol mass measurements following first principles. Our portable particle sizing instruments incl. the NanoScan SMPS and the Optical Particle Counter (O PS) that combined offer an easy, mobile option for wide - range size distribution measurements.