Key Research Areas

The programme is very multidisciplinary, involving a versatile education on atmospheric sciences covering physical phenomena, atmospheric chemistry, meteorology, natural geography and ecology. Part of the content of the programme is related to the interactions between ecosystems and the atmosphere.

There are four lines of study in the programme: Aerosol Science, Biogeochemical Cycles, Dynamic Meteorology, and Atmospheric Remote Sensing. The students will, however, learn the basics of all lines.

Studies in the ATM-MP programme give a deeper understanding of the following phenomena:

  • processes in aerosol physics and atmospheric sciences
  • micrometeorological processes
  • biogeochemical cycles of carbon and other compounds
  • processes in land-ecosystem-atmosphere interactions involving phase transitions or mass and energy fluxes
  • advanced computational and laboratory-based methods as well as field measurements for the analysis of processes in the atmosphere and biogeosphere
  • working in an international scientific context