Structure Courses



Students admitted to the Master's Degree Programme in Atmospheric Sciences at the Faculty of Science pursue a Master of Science degree which consists of 120 ECTS-compatible credits. The target schedule for completing this degree is two years. The language of the degree programme is English.

A maximum of 10 students will be admitted annually to the Master's degree programme in atmospheric sciences in the University of Helsinki

Four study lines are offered: Aerosol Science, Biogeochemical Cycles, Dynamic Meteorology, and Atmospheric Remote Sensing. Each line includes introductiory courses (20 ECTS), specialized studies (60 ECTS), and master's thesis (40 ECTS).

The courses offered within the programme will, depending on the students' needs and course syllabus, be organized as

  • web courses and e-learning
  • field and intensive courses
  • conventional lectures, exercises and laboratory work

The programme students are recommended to spend one term during their master studies in another university participating in the ABS network. There exist grants reserved for this purpose.