ATM-DP (The Doctoral Programme in Atmospheric Sciences)

The Doctoral Programme in Atmospheric Sciences (ATM-DP) at the University of Helsinki aims to educate a next generation of top-level scientists and experts with all the necessary multidisciplinary skills to tackle the future challenges of climate change, air quality matters and environmental technologies. The supra disciplinary education will enable those experts to serve at different challenging positions in society and industry. Beside classical curriculum skills and knowledge, the education on the state-of-the-art measurement technologies (laboratory, ground-based and remote sensing), data-analysis and modelling (from box models to Earth system models) are emphasized. There are over 100 doctoral students in ATM-DP, out of which over one third are from outside Finland. More information can be found at

ABS (The Master\'s Degree Programme in Atmosphere-Biosphere Studies)

Doctorate program in Aerosol Science (University of Eastern Finland)

Doctorate program in Aerosol Science is a program organized by University of Eastern Finland, aiming to train experts in the fields of atmospheric research and the health effects of aerosols. It collects the best knowledge in the research of aerosol properties, measurement technologies and the toxicological effects of small particles under the same roof. In the Doctoral Program of Aerosol Science you can specialize yourself to one of these research areas and become a member of an international research community doing high class science.

Topics of courses, seminars and guest lectures include basic theory, processes and properties (physical, chemical, toxicological) of aerosols; their effects on climate, air quality and health; and their practical applications (e.g. energy production and nanomaterial manufacturing). The main research focuses of the participating groups are aerosol effects on climate change and human health. Research, doctoral training and teaching benefits from networks created during previous research schools.

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