WP3 Synoptic scales and beyond

WP3 operates at synoptic scale, analyzing the relevant feedback processes that strongly affect the Earth system. This WP uses (regional and global) general circulation, vegetation, chemical transport and ESMs, aided by satellite and long-term in-situ datasets.

Task 3.1 Sensitivity to the key processes of COBACC feedback

We will identify the key feedback mechanisms in the Earth System by comprehensive multi-scale and multi-platform data integration, including in-situ concentrations, fluxes, emissions and both active and passive remote sensing. The existing data provide us the possibility to probe into the inter-annual variability of the relevant quantities in the regional and global spatial scales.

Task 3.2 Global and regional importance of the COBACC feedbacks

We aim to quantify the linkages between the major aerosol precursor compounds, gas-to-particle conversion process, aerosol-cloud interactions, and precipitation formation, and air quality-climate interactions utilizing comprehensive in-situ, airborne and active remote sensing from the ground and from the satellites in connection with a hierarchy of models. The assessment of the model performance by direct comparison of the in-situ observation network and satellite and ground-based remote sensing data, using both data assimilation and statistical methods will be conducted. We implement the improved process understanding and new COBACC parameterizations to ESMs in order to create a more thorough representation of the feedbacks and biogeochemical cycles. We will assess the overall role of COBACC in the climate different time scales, in the past, current and future climate conditions and potential geo-engineering efforts.

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