List of Measurements


hitu yleis

Overview from the aerosol cottage of the station and some aerosol instrumentation. The setup measures count, size distribution and different
physical-, chemical- and electrical properties of the aerosol particles.


abs CO2

Analyzers measuring the absolute CO2-, H2O- and CH4- concentrations from sample lines
coming from high mast to the main hut ( 8 levels between 4m and 125m).


eddy 3D2

The 3D anemometer of the eddy-covariance system measuring CO2-, H2O- and particle count-balance of the stand.


SmearII maincabin2

Trace gas and VOC analyzers in the main hut. Concentrations are measured from soil-, shoot- and stem-chambers
and vertical profile (4 - 125 m) from the high mast.



Slide- and cylinder-type shoot-chambers.


soil chamber

A soil chamber with attached CO2 sensor.