This website plots data from three urban micrometeorological sites of SMEAR III station in Helsinki:
Kumpula (60 12' 10.14''N 24 57' 40.06''E). Measurement period 1 Dec 2005 onward.
Hotel Torni 1 (60 10' 04.09''N 24 56' 18.69''E). Measurement period 28 Sep 2010 onward.
Hotel Torni 2 (60 10' 04.05''N 24 56' 19.07''E). Measurement period 26 Jun 2013 onward.

The figures are updated every night.

Data from the past 28 days.

The time ticks are days of month. Some of the flux data is omitted due to flow distortion. These wind directions are: Kumpula 0<WD<50, HotelTorni1 50<WD<185, HotelTorni2 230<WD<365



Figure 1: Time series of 30min averaged fluxes from the three sites. The fluxes have been quality checked for stationarity, intermittency, kurtosis and skewness.



Figure 2: Time series of 30min averaged variables from the three sites. No data omittance due to flow distortion was done for these variables.


Figure 3: 30min averages of wind direction and second rotation angle.


Figure 4: Lag times of closed-path (H_2O & CO_2) and particle flux measurements.


Figure 5: Lag times of closed-path (H_2O & CO_2) as a function of relative humidity.


Figure 6: Distribution of atmospheric stability.


Figure 7: Diurnal variation of fluxes.

Spectra from the past 28 days

Data is shown only from times when the flux quality is good and the wind direction is acceptable. Both unstable and stable cases are included and the absolute value has been taken of the co-spectra!


Figure 8: 60min power spectra at Kumpula.


Figure 9: 60min co-spectra at Kumpula.


Figure 10: 60min power spectra at Hotel Torni EC.


Figure 11: 60min co-spectra at Hotel Torni EC.

Meteorological data from the past 28 days

Meteorological weather data from Physicum roof, Kumpula tower and Hotel Torni sites.

Temperature, windspeed and radiation components

Figure 19: Temperature, wind speed and radiation components

Humidity, rain and pressure

Figure 20: Humidity, rain and pressure

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