Earth System Modeling Workshop, Helsinki, 7-10.10.2013

This workshop is co-sponsored by the Finnish Cultural Foundation and three Nordic Centres of Excellence CRAICC, DEFROST and SVALI.

Welcome to ESM workshop held in University of Helsinki and Finnish Meteorological Institute (FMI) on 7-9.10.2013.

Earth system modeling in Finland is the cross-roads: the currently used ECHAM based ESMs are becoming obsolete and a replacement system is being searched. The development effort in Finland is more than 15 person-years per year, and this will be directed to develop the future replacement system.

Expert guidance on potential new solutions will be gathered in an expert workshop 7-9 October 2013. The workshop will review the present solutions and vision next-generation ESMs.

The foreground of ESM work in Finland includes dynamics and physics of the atmosphere and ocean, hydro-meteorological land-atmosphere coupling (GEWEX), and bio-geochemical land-atmosphere interactions (iLEAPS).

Following the main workshop, we will organize on October 10th a one-day event to discuss the current status of geoengineering research in the context of earth system modeling. Many of the proposed geoengineering techniques carry large risks related to regional climate changes, and thus ESMs are crucially important tools when evaluating the impacts of geoengineering on human societies and ecosystems. The one-day event will discuss how the ESM research community could best provide the society with relevant and reliable information on geoengineering impacts, risks and uncertainties. More detailed information regarding the workshop program will be provided by Dr. Hannele Korhonen, FMI (

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