SMEAR station network

The Station for Measuring Earth surface - Atmosphere Relations, SMEAR, is a unique research infrastructure concept in its comprehensiveness. SMEAR station is an integrated and sophisticated approach to observe in-situ 24/7 and in a coherent way material and energy exchange between the atmosphere and the Earth surface. It is designed to provide high quality, unbiased data and associated metadata on land, aquatic and urban Earth surface–atmosphere interactions to enhance understanding from nano-scale to global feedback loops. Measurement data is aimed to be open and easily accessible for international multidisciplinary research community.


2.1.1 SMEAR I 


Värriö SMEAR I
67° 45' 18.158' N', 29° 36' 36.495' E,
390 m above sea level
Subarctic pine forest

2.1.2 SMEARII 

SMEAR II / Flagship station

Hyytiälä SMEAR II
61°51’ N,  24°17’ E,
181 m above sea level
Southern boreal pine forest, lake and wetland
(Photo from Juho Aalto.)

2.1.3 smear3 


Helsinki SMEAR III
60° 12.173' N, 24° 57.663'E
Urban environment

 2.1.4smear4 m


Kuopio-Puijo SMEAR IV
62°55', E 27°40'
224 m above sea level
elevated location in a semi-urban area, site frequently in cloud

smear agriculture SMEAR Agriculture
coastclim SMEAR Marine
CostClim project


2.2 SMEAR Estonia  

SMEAR Estonia

SMEAR Estonia
58° 16’ N, 27° 18’ E

Read more: Noe et al., 2016


SMEAR Nanjing crop 


Located in Nanjing

 2.3 SMEAR China

SMEAR BUCT (Beijing University of Chemical Technology)

Located in Beijing