News and stakeholder activities:

13.6.2019 iCUPE Webex online meeting

4.6.2019 EU Arctic Cluster meeting in Brussels, Belgium

29.5.2019 iCUPE Webex online meeting

26.-27.3.2019: iCUPE WS in Potsdam, Germany

11.1.2019: iCUPE WP online meeting

27.-29.11.2019: FCoE meeting in Kuopio, Finland

20.-21.11.2018: COOP+ conference, Brussels, Belgium

1.-2.11.2018: PEEX/iCUPE joint Workshop in Helsinki, Finland

29.10.-2.11.2018: GEO Plenary, Kyoto, Japan

12.-14.9.2018: EuroGEOSS -meeting in Geneva, Switzerland

11.9.2018: ERA-PLANET meeting in Geneva, Switzerland

3.-7.9.2018: Ella-Maria Duplissy introduced iCUPE and Alexander Mahura introduced iCUPE data products in posters at UArctic Congress in Oulu.

18.-23.6.2018: Ella-Maria Duplissy introduced iCUPE in a poster at POLAR 2018 conference in Davos, Switzerland.

16.4.2018: iCUPE is now part of the EU Arctic Cluster!

7.3.2018: Polar EO requirements survey is open and online! You can answer to it by clicking this link.

7.3.2018: Hanna Lappalainen introduced iCUPE at AC3 General Assembly at Leipzig.

9.2.2018: iCUPE Project meeting at NILU, Norway.

7.2.2018: Birgit Wehner introduced iCUPE at AWIPEV -seminar.

6.2.2018: iCUPE Flyers (300 copies) came out from the print!

1.12.2017: Ella-Maria Duplissy, Pauli Paasonen and Alexander Mahura discussed with Ola Gråbak and Andrew Fleming about the possibilities that Polar Thematic Exploitation Platform (PolarTEP) could offer for iCUPE.

25.11.2017: Tuukka Petäjä in climate change event "Hyvän sään aikana" ("Before it's too late" / "During the good weather") at Heureka Science Center.

6.-8.11.2017: Ella-Maria Duplissy presented iCUPE poster at Svalbard Science Conference in Oslo.

25.10.2017: Tuukka Petäjä gave an invited plenary presentation on iCUPE and PEEX in "Climate Change Constraints and Opportunities in the Asia-Pacific Region: Human-Biosphere-Atmosphere Interactions and Green Growth" conference in Far Eastern Federal University, Vladivostok, Russia, 25.Oct.2017.  

9.10.2017: iCUPE has launched their Twitter account:

9.10.2017: iCUPE General Assembly during ERAPLANET kick-off meeting in CNR, Rome, 10.10.2017

9.10.2017: ERAPLANET kick-off meeting in CNR, Rome, 9.-11.10.2017