iCUPE has 7 work packages:

WP 0: Management (Tuukka Petäjä, UHEL)

WP 1: Ground-based component for SLCFs (Andreas Massling, AU)

WP 2: In-situ component for organic contaminants, mercury and other heavy metals (Carlo Barbante, CNR)

WP 3: Satellite remote sensing of Arctic surfaces (Angelika Humbert, AWI)

WP 4: Integrating in-situ, satellite and model components for improved environmental assessment (Jean-Daniel Paris and Kathy Law, CNRS)

WP 5: Data provision, interoperability, and facilitation of data and services (Steffen Noe, EULS)

WP 6: Dissemination and strategic development (Hanna Lappalainen, UHEL)

Read more of each WP by clicking the links on the left and see the related deliverables and milestones along with their delivery date (project month) for each task. If a deliverable is already available, it can be found behind a link.