Lead: Tuukka Petäjä, UHEL

The aim of this WP is to provide overall project coordination and management by

  • ensuring efficient financial and administrative management of iCUPE, coordinating project reporting, and implementing appropriate quality control measures for monitoring the progress of the project activities (including milestones, deliverables and risk minimization organization).
  • optimizing the information flow between the partners, the scientific community, end-users and stakeholders through regular project meetings and implementing  efficient internal communication

This work package will ensure the success of the project through timely delivery of quality assured and quality controlled outputs. It will ensure adequate coordination and management of the iCUPE WPs in all scientific, technical, administrative, financial, and legal matters, including day-to-day management activities and liaison with its consortium partners. It is also responsible for managing risks and adequately responding to external stimuli, which may have the potential to impact upon the work schedule.

The tasks, related deliverables and milestones of  WP 0:

  • Task 0.1 Administrative, financial, legal management and quality control (lead: UHEL PO)

D 0.1.1 iCUPE consortium agreement (M3)

M 0.1.1 iCUPE consortium agreement (M4)

  • Task 0.2 Project meetings (lead: UHEL PO)

D 0.2.1 Minutes of the iCUPE Kick-off meeting (M3)

D 0.2.2 Annual report and minutes of the first iCUPE meeting (M12)

D 0.2.3 Annual report and minutes of the second iCUPE meeting (M24)

D 0.2.4 Annual report and minutes of the third iCUPE meeting (M32)

  • Task 0.3 Internal communication and official representation (lead: UHEL PO)

D 0.3.1 iCUPE communication tools and interfaces (website, e-mail-lists, brochure and other printed
materials) (M5)

M 0.3.1 Internal website implemented (M1)

M 0.3.2 Definition of terms of reference for the independent project bodies (M3)