Dissemination and strategic development
Lead: Hanna Lappalainen, UHEL

The objectives of this WP are:

  • to carry out the stakeholder engagement during the project lifetime
  • to interact with other ERA-PLANET strands and their activities
  • to assess the impacts of iCUPE research and iCUPE data
  • to deliver the strategy for the continuity of iCUPE in the future

This WP will disseminate iCUPE results and data and facilitates interaction with the stakeholders in a two-way interaction. The WP provides a platform for interaction within the ERAPLANET strands and plans for the legacy and continuity of iCUPE beyond the project period.

Tasks, related deliverables and milestones of WP 6:

  • Task 6.1 Stakeholder engagement (lead: Hanna Lappalainen, UHEL)

D 6.1.1 Stakeholder engagement plan (M4)

D 6.1.2 Report on stakeholder engagement activities (M32)

M 6.1.1 Stakeholder interactions started (M3)

  • Task 6.2 Interactions within ERA-PLANET strands (lead: Tuukka Petäjä, UHEL)

D 6.2.1 Report on horizontal ERA-PLANET collaboration (M33)

M 6.2.1 Interactions with ERA-PLANET strands started (M2)

  • Task 6.3 Research impact assessment (lead: Ella-Maria Duplissy, UHEL)

D 6.3.1 Report on iCUPE impacts (M34)

  • Task 6.4 Future strategies and contingency plans (lead: Tuukka Petäjä, UHEL)

D 6.4.1 Demonstration on iCUPE data and service contingency (M24)

D 6.4.2 Report on future plans for iCUPE (M34)

M 6.4.1 Start of iCUPE contingency demo (M12)