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ÉCLAIRE Winter School on Measurement and modelling of biosphere-atmosphere exchanges of trace gases and aerosols will be on 3-11 February 2014 in Paris, France.
This winter school aims at teaching advanced measurement techniques and modelling of soil-plant-atmosphere exchange of reactive trace gases. It is targeted to doctorate and post-doctorate European students.
Application deadline: 30 November 2013.
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Recent Workshops and schools

Winter School on Advanced analysis of atmospheric processes and feedbacks and biosphereatmosphere interactions, Hyytiälä, Finland, 12-22 March 2013

The course is based on intensive group works and topics included in the course are related to ACTRIS Work Packages 2-6: Remote sensing of vertical aerosol distribution, In-situ chemical, physical and optical properties of aerosols, Trace gases networking: Volatile organic carbon and nitrogen oxides, Clouds and aerosol quality-controlled observations, Integration, outreach, and sustainability.

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Workshop "The importance of land-atmosphere fluxes of methane and nitrous oxide for the global greenhouse-gas balance – The need for a FLUXNET-GHG", Hyytiälä, Finland, 2-7 September 2012

The meeting in Finland covers the issues of the flux data availability for CH4 and N2O, integration of CH4-flux data into the FLUXNET database, inter-comparison of analysers and harmonised/standardized data processing protocols.

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8th Summer School on Atmospheric Aerosol Physics, Measurement, and Sampling, Hyytiälä, Finland, 5-11 May 2012.

This summer school is advanced course to deeper train aspects for atmospheric aerosol measurements: Physical, mechanical, and electrical properties, sampling, particle filters, impactors, mobility and aerodynamic size spectrometers, particle counters, integrating nephelometer, absorption photometers, online mass measurements, aerosol mass spectrometer.

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