iLEAPS Science plan

The iLEAPS Science Plan and Implementation Strategy defines the scientific objectives and key research issues of the land-atmosphere project of the International Geosphere-Biosphere Programme. It also outlines a strategy for addressing the key research questions.

The scope of iLEAPS research spans from molecular level processes – such as synthesis of volatile organic compounds in vegetation – to Earth System science issues, climate and global change. iLEAPS research emphasises the importance of connections, feedbacks and teleconnections between the numerous processes in the land-atmosphere interface.

Due to the complexity and wide range of scientific issues, iLEAPS stresses the need for increased integrative approaches and collaboration, involving scientists from various disciplines, experimentalists and modellers, and international research projects and programmes.

Science foci

Focus 1: Land-atmosphere exchange of reactive and long-lived compounds: key interactions and feedbacks in the Earth system
Focus 2: Feedbacks between land biota, aerosols and atmospheric composition in the climate system
Focus 3: Feedbacks and teleconnections in the land surface-vegetation-water- atmosphere system
Focus 4: Transfer of material and energy in the soil–canopy–boundary-layer system: measurements and modelling

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