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European Centre

IEAS Europe Centre was established in 2013 by a nomination letter by the IEAS HQ in Moscow. It is located at the Institute for Atmospheric and Earth System Research, University of Helsinki, in Helsinki, Finland. The Centre is lead by Academician Markku Kulmala and secretary of the IEAS Europe Academy is Dr. Irina Bashmakova. The Centre has 65 nominated Academicians and has organized several events, such as Sofia Earth Forum, in collaboration with the PEEX Program. The centre will be registered as an Association in Helsinki, Finland, in spring 2018.

IEAS Europe Board

Motto: "Commitment & Partnership"

Panel of highly qualified experts is capable to:

  • Integrate information
  • identify priorities and constraints for activity areas, get things started or changed
  • enhance capacity and collaboration links between players, facilitate management of possible tensions
  • outline solutions and implementation plans

IEAS Europe Board is the forum for further develop strategy, as well as adviser for PEEX.


  • 2nd Sofia Earth Forum in October 2018.
  • The 3rd PEEX Science Conference & 7th Meeting was held in Moscow on 19-22.Sep.2017
  • International Eurasian Academy of Sciences (IEAS) meeting was held on 22.Sep in Moscow
  • 1st Sofia Earth Forum in Helsinki, Finland, on 20-22.June.2016


IEAS-Europe in Collaboration

IEAS officials

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