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The 3rd PEEX Science Conference will focus on grand challenges in the Arctic – boreal pristine and urban environments:

  • Permafrost and consequences of permafrost thawing
  • Structural changes in the ecosystems, Arctic greening
  • Atmospheric composition and chemistry
  • Aerosols in Arctic Environment
  • Urban air quality, megacities, planetary boundary layer
  • Weather and atmospheric circulation
  • the Arctic Ocean, the Arctic maritime environments
  • Lakes, wetlands and large river systems in Siberian region
  • Silk Road – Digital Belt & Road
  • Arctic and high mountain Cold Regions
  • Natural hazards, forest fires
  • Social transformations and changing climate
  • Biogeochemical cycles
  • “Systems Analysis for the Arctic “– IIASA Workshop


The 7th PEEX Meeting will address:

  1. Coherent, coordinated Pan-Eurasian in-situ observation network incl. satellite observations and coordinated data systems
  2. PEEX Modelling platform
  3. International collaboration incl. ESFRI, GEOSS, AMAP, SAON, DBAR, U-Arctic, Future Earth, IASOA
  4. PEEX training and education activities
  5. Funding opportunities