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The first Pan-Eurasian Experiment (PEEX) meeting was organized on 2-4 October 2012 by the University of Helsinki (ATM) and the Finnish Meteorological Institute. The first PEEX meeting gathered nearly 100 participants from Europe, Russia and China. Based on the meeting presentations and working group discussions, the research needs and the most urgent research questions of the Pan-Eurasian region were listed, and the first outline of the PEEX science plan was drafted. The PEEX preparatory phase organization was also established. It was agreed that the preparatory phase committee members, which are also the promoter institutes of the PEEX initiative, are the University of Helsinki, the Finnish Meteorological Institute, the Institute of Geography, Moscow State University, AEROCOSMOS, and the Institute of Atmospheric Optics (Siberian branch) of the Russian Academy of Sciences. It was also agreed that the PEEX preliminary phase project office, which acts as the headquarters of PEEX, would be established in Helsinki (PEEX Science Plan).

So far, the 1st PEEX meeting in Helsinki has been followed by four other PEEX meetings taking place in Moscow (12.-14. February 2013), in Hyytiälä, Finland (26.-28. August 2013) and in St. Petersburg (4.-6. March 2014). The PEEX China kick-off was held in Beijing in November 2013 at the institute of Remote Sensing and Digital Earth (RADI) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS). RADI has joined the PEEX preparatory phase committee member institutes, and has established the PEEX China office at the premises of RADI. As part of the PEEX China activities, the PEEX regional office was established at the Institute for climate and global change research at Nanjing University, which has been a long-term collaborator of the University of Helsinki in developing an in-situ atmospheric observations framework in China (PEEX Science Plan).