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PEEX-MP Meetings & Sessions


Sep 2017 - PEEX-MP session at the 3rd PEEX Science Conference & 7th PEEX Meeting (19-22 Sep 2017, Moscow, Russia); 11 presentations delivered with 19 researchers attended, followed by discussions; 100+ members; 35 models are linked with developing of the PEEX-MP.
Summary notes 
Conference abstracts are available at & presentations at the PEEX internal website.

May 2016 - PEEX-MP related presentations at the 2nd PEEX Science Conference & 6th PEEX Meeting (18-20 May 2016, Beijing, China)
Conference abstracts are available at:
& presentations at the PEEX internal website

Feb 2015 - PEEX-MP session at the 1st PEEX Science Conference & 5th PEEX Meeting (10-13 Feb 2015, Helsinki, Finland); 13 presentations delivered with 30 researchers attended, followed by round-table discussions; 50+ members; 29 models are linked with developing of the PEEX-MP.

Topics discussed:

  • Modelling platform implementation
  • Stronger link between MP and PEEX-Observations
  • Possible funding
  • Learn from each other experiences
  • Interdisciplinary approach – Earth System
  • Divide into subgroups by scale & model types
  • Make summary table with models info
  • Young scientists school son modelling
  • At which scales to link processes
  • How to handle heterogeneous surface boundary conditions

Summary notes
Conference abstracts are available at
& presentations at the PEEX internal website

Mar 2014 – meeting of PEEX modelers (15 – from EU countries, Russia and China) and discussions at 4th PEEX Meeting (4-6 Mar 2014, St. Petersburg, Russia); establishing the modelling platform e-mail list 30+ researchers; establishing the core group; and discussions.
Topics discussed:

  • Need for network/ PEEX hierarchy of models;
  • Two level strategy: following existing projects/ activities & what is needed and future funding opportunities;
  • Teams to be involved and their research interests;
  • Links to on-going projects: MACC, MarcoPolo & Panda, AMAP, AQMEE-II, etc.;
  • Multi-scale modelling approach & ensemble of models;
  • Meteorology and climate, chemistry and aerosols;
  • Spatial (micro -> global) and temporal (sec -> decades) scales;
  • Physical and chemical-aerosols processes, their interactions with surfaces;
  • Boundary layer processes and parameterizations;
  • Biogenic emissions (already existing, and/ or newly created);
  • Permafrost processes in climate system;
  • Interdisciplinary linkage with ecosystems and social-economical modelling;
  • Model evaluation;
  • Information web-portal;
  • Link with PEEX observations (in-situ & sat.) for validation and what is needed for modellers (“wish list”) for PEEX-Obs Group

Presentations are available at the PEEX internal website

2013-2014 – contributions/ writings from modelers into the PEEX Science Plan development for the modelling platform