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PEEX View instructions

(0) Search a station with data:
-Open the dropdown menu after text: "PEEX stations:".
-Search some station with text: "(data in range!)", choose it.
-Map will automatically point to the selected station.

(1) To open a dataset from station:
-Click the station image of a station that contains data [see (0)].
-A popup will appear.
-After the links there should be at least one checkbox for a dataset in the popup, click it.
-Wait until dataset has been initialized.
-Now move the slider after text: "Time: (day 00, hour 00 of 06/2008)".
-Those numbers should change as you move the slider, as should the visualized data.

(2) Change month with dropdown menu after text: "Select month:".
-Repeat part one (1).
-See the updated datasets.

(3) After opening some data that changes over time, try the other slider after text: "Time span: (day 00, hour 00)".
-After moving the slider you should see data over broader timespan.

(4) Open and close datasets after the "Layers" -header


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