Measurement method / instrument


Aerosol light absorbing coefficient

Multi-angle absorption (637 nm) photometer (Thermo MAAP 5012)

Aerosol light scattering coefficient

Three wavelength (450, 550 and 700 nm) integrating nephelometer (TSI 3563)

Aerosol mass concentration

Synchronized hybrid real-time particle monitor (Thermo SHARP 5030)

Aerosol number concentration

Condensation particle counter (TSI 3010 CPC)

Aerosol size distribution (interstitial)

Differential mobility particle sizer (DMPS, 3-800 nm)

Aerosol size distribution (total)

DMPS (7-800 nm), dust monitor (Grimm #190, 0.25-32 µm)

Atmospheric pressure

Capasitive absolute pressure sensor (Vaisala BAROCAP®)

Cloud droplet size distribution

Optical cloud droplet spectrometer (DMT, 3-50 µm)

Nitrogen oxide concentration

Chemiluminescent NO-NOx analyzer (Thermo 42i-TL)

Ozone concentration

UV photometric O3 analyzer (Thermo 49i)

Temperature and relative humidity

Pt100 and Vaisala HUMICAP®

Temperature and relative humidity

Vaisala HMT330MIK

Visibility, present weather and precipitation

Present weather sensor (Vaisala FD12P)

Weather (visually)

Weather camera and camera server (Axis 247S)

Wind speed and direction

Ultrasonic two-dimensional anemometer (Thies UA2D


Aerosol optical depth (and other aerosol optical properties)

Sunphotometer (Cimel 318A)

Atmospheric pressure

Capasitive absolute pressure sensor (Vaisala PTB201A)

Cloud base height

Ceilometer (Vaisala CT25K)

Global, diffuse and direct components of spectral solar irradiance

Multifilter rotating shadowband radiometer aingauge with weighing (YES MFR-7)


Raingauge with weighing (OTT Pluvio)

Snow depth

Snow depth sensor (Campbell Scientific SR50-45)

Solar flux

Pyranometer (Kipp & Zonen CMP-21)

Sunshine duration

Sunshine duration sensor (Siggelkow SONI)

Temperature and relative humidity

Pentronic Pt100 and Vaisala HMP45D

Visibility, present wea ther and precipitation

Present weather sensor (Vaisala FD12P)

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