The 4th International Forum on Big Data for Sustainable Development Goals

The 4th International Forum on Big Data for Sustainable Development Goals ( takes place on 6-8.Sep.2024 in Beijing. ERASMUS+ “Climate University-for-Virtual Exchanges ” (CLUVEX) and “UnaEuropa-for-Virtual Exchanges” (UNAVEX) VE projects will be introduced in the session called “Youth innovative education”. University of Helsinki is currently coordinating (active in 2023…2027) these two VE projects, which are currently one of the biggest VE projects funded by European Union in this field.

Traditional concept of on-site education is changing. Alongside traditional teaching, distance education
is increasingly becoming available. Virtual Exchange (VE) is a tool with which students’ interest in
distance education can be increased and the element of interaction can be added. UHEL is currently
coordinating two European Union ERASMUS+ virtual exchange projects. Climate University for
Virtual Exchanges (CLUVEX, and UnaEuropa for Virtual Exchanges
(UnaVEx, will be implemented during the years 2023-2026.
The projects focus on the challenges of climate change and sustainable development. The goal of these
projects is to bring a total up to 5,000 university students to VEs within three years. The projects support
the continuation of studies in the subject area through existing MOOCs. The CLUVEX project is based
on the Climate University ( MOOCs, developed and coordinated by UHEL while
UnaVEx is based on the sustainable development MOOC of the UnaEuropa network (www.una- UHEL, together with the projects’ partners coming from Europe, Europe’s Neighbourhood
East, and Africa, is developing and researching the VE concept as a part of distance learning.

During VEs, university students from different countries receive science, based information related to
the SDG themes e.g. climate change, sustainable development and exchange ideas in small groups
working online (in virtual environment). Both projects will collect necessary information on students’
motivations before each VE and feedback after VE completed.

In CLUVEX, since summer 2023, preparatory steps were taken for developing concept, elaborating
guidebooks such as VE Guidebook, Climate Literacy Guidebook, Climate Messenger Code of Conduct,
and other supporting educational materials. During May and Sep 2024, a series of trainings for
moderators is carried out. These include: TR1 – CLUVEX concept and technical skills (8 May 2024),
TR2 – Climate University MOOCs (14 May 2024); TR3 – Soft skills (27 May), TR4 – CLUVEX
guidebooks and materials (5 Sep), and TR5 – CLUVEX Group Exercise “Climate Utopia” (12 Sep
2024). The 1st CLUVEX Virtual Exchange week takes place in October 2024. In autumn 2024 UnaVEx
will focus on recruiting moderators, developing the moderators training program and the program for
virtual exchange week. The 1st UnaVEx Virtual Exchange week will take place in March 2025.

In these projects, ground-breaking work is done to develop the VE concept. We present the first results
of the concept development work, elaborating educational materials for students, educating moderators
and initial steps in arranging and carrying out VEs for students

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