Water Environments and Ecosystem in ice-infested areas under climate change and abrupt weather changes


The collaboration focuses on climate change, ice, and ice environment ecosystems. In this work, data analyses and comparisons, and new observation and simulation technology development and improvement will be performed. The overall final objective is to improve the understanding of ice and ice-related physical processes and biological responds to physical conditions on ice ecosystem in the presence of climate variations and abrupt weather changes. The organizations of this MoU are greatly interested in the above problems and approaches on them with technical, physical and mathematical methods. Both want to organize a research team to join the co-operation plan and perform joint field and laboratory experiments, mathematical modeling research. These results are expected be a contribution to the understanding the ecosystems in ice-covered waters and on the human service technology in the cold regions. The research work will be divided into several stages in order to perform progress and produce results. The focus is in the climate change and ecosystems under ice in lakes and coastal waters. Monitoring methodology, modeling, measurement technology for physical, optical and mechanical properties of ice, in situ environmental research under ice, investigations of responses of marine animals in the field conditions and cold rooms, and mathematical description of the ecosystem behavior will be the main parts of the collaborative research.

Duration of the project: 2013–2023

Project coordination & contact information

Prof. Zhijun Li (DUT)
Prof. Petteri Uotila (INAR)

Project partners

State Key Laboratory of Coastal and Offshore Engineering
Dalian University of Technology (DUT)
the Institute for Atmospheric and Earth System Research/Physics (INAR), University of Helsinki, Finland