Pan-Eurasian EXperiment – Finnish-Russian Earth System Research Network (PEEX-FRESReN, 2022-2023)

Networking project PEEX-FRESReN (as a part of the Team Finland Knowledge programme) is giving an impulse for the Finnish – Russian collaboration in the Earth System Research. The project is linked to physical sciences with focus on atmospheric, hydrological, oceanological, and other disciplines. Students (advanced BSc, MSc, PhD) as well as teachers and researchers from 3 Finnish – University of Helsinki (UHEL), University of Eastern Finland, and Tampere University – and 3 Russian – Russian State Hydrometeorological University, Saint Petersburg State University (SPBU), and Moscow State University – universities will have a possibility for short-term mobilities within frameworks of science educational and research collaboration between these Universities as well as the PEEX programme activities.

Aims: (1) to carry out joint education activities through students’/teachers’ mobility between the Universities; (2) to share knowledge and experience on state-of-the-art research activities and educational assets like e-learning between the Universities; (3) to open new opportunities for research collaboration in atmospheric and Earth system sciences.

Main activities: (1) joint elaboration of top-level research-educational initiatives/ projects based on PEEX Science Plan student’s realizations; (2) series of online webinars/ workshops; (3) practical students’/ teachers’ short-term mobility/ visits between involved Universities; and (4) educational research training course.

Students’ mobility between Universities will be linked with realization by students of developed research and educational projects on topics like:energy fluxes in forest canopy modelling; observations and modeling of surface-water ecosystems in boreal areas; fluxes of chemical substances by river flow in changing environment; aerosol effects on regional (Nordic, North-West Russia) and urban (Helsinki, St.Petersburg, Moscow) scales; pollution effects from continuous emissions on population and environment of Nordic countries and Russia; observations for aerosol particles and gaseous composition, and many more to be developed student projects.

Teachers/ researchers mobility: (1) from Finland to Russia – will be linked with realization a series of short-term visits for co-supervising students on research projects and lecturing for topics (described in details in PEEX Science Plan); and (2) from Russia to Finland – will be linked with realization a series of short-term visits for co-supervising students on research projects and lecturing.

Main tasks: (1) elaborate top-level research initiatives for students’ projects; (2) build Earth system research network between Universities (& expand by inviting new interested Universities); (3) organize and carry out short-term mobilities between Universities; (4) organize online webinars/ workshops (every 2-3 months) on

research and educational topics (based on agendas of PEEX and each University); (5) organize intensive training course on “Multi-Scales and -Processes Observations, Modelling and Assessment for Environmental Applications” (August 2022, St.Petersburg, Russia; to be hosted by SPBU); as well as (6) effectively disseminate project activities/ results and effectively to carry out project management, quality assurance and control.

Expected results: (1) knowledge transfer of novel Finnish academic education concept and increased use of the modern e-learning methods (MOOC, Climate University); (2) research and educational collaboration between Universities; (3) new networking opportunities of high education collaboration in a field of Earth’s sciences and climate change research; and (4) integration of University students into joint research activities.

Contact Information

Project Partners/ Teams

  • UHEL – University of Helsinki, Helsinki, Finland;
  • UEF – University of Eastern Finland, Finland;
  • TAU – Tampere University Technology, Finlnd;
  • RSHU – Russian State Hydrometeorological University, St.Petersburg, Russia
  • SPBU – Saint Petersburg State University, St.Petersburg, Russia
  • MSU – Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia

Project Materials

  • PEEX-FRESReN proposal – Description of Work (DoW) and logo
  • PEEX-FRESReN project online kick-off-meeting (13 Jan 2022) presentation
  • PEEX-FRESReN online/ onsite events (schedule)