Medical-geographical modeling of spatiotemporal changes in the spatial pattern of naturally-dependent and socially important diseases under the changing climate and economic development of the Russian Arctic


The objective of the project is medical-geographical modeling and projections of spatiotemporal changes in naturally-dependent and socially important diseases in the conditions of changing climate and economic development of the Russian Arctic.

Project aims

The project aims at solution of environmental problems related to environment-friendly, sustainable and economically efficient development of the Northern territories, aiming to advance the quality of life and population health in the Arctic. The modeling and spatiotemporal analysis are based on detailed medical-geographical database for the Arctic zone of Russia. Compilation of the complex information system includes accumulation, storage, processing and analysis of a large volume of statistical and literature data, as well as integration of available archived materials from state institutions, government agencies, scientific and commercial organizations engaged in supporting the population health.

Expected project results

Project results will provide scientific basis for environmentally and socially safe human activities in the Arctic. Actual medical-environmental situations will be evaluated; possible spatiotemporal changes in spatial patterns of particularly important and most dangerous diseases will be forecasted; recommendations towards prophylactic and health-improving activities in the Arctic will be elaborated and forwarded to the public-health authorities. The major scientific and practical results from the project will be new information portal integrating complex information system of medical-environmental data and Web-GIS-based medical-geographical on-line atlas for the Arctic zone of Russia.

Duration of the project: 2018 onwards

Project coordination & contact information

Svetlana Malkhazova, MSU

Dmitry Orlov, MSU

Project partners