Project Description

Call-for-Contributions Northern Eurasia/ Arctic Ocean/China research results. We are collecting information on PEEX research to make an overview of the research results achieved during the last five years, in 2015-2019 , and analyze the main results and findings for the Northern Eurasia, Arctic Ocean and China, and how well we have covered the PEEX Science Plans. We are highlighting the main findings published in peer-reviewed journals and scientific progress, including methodological, done by the PEEX community. If You are interested in to contribute, fill in a questionnaire download here. Note also the “PEEX Scientific Questions & example, how to fill in the form” here. Please send the filled-in form to PEEX-HQ nuria.altimir (at), hanna.k.lappalainen(at) dl for the contribution 15th June.2019. We plan to publish a joint peer-reviewed paper in the PEEX research in ACP – PEEX special issue . Editorial team, H.K. Lappalainen, N. Altimir, A. Mahura, J. Bäck, T. Petäjä, V-M. Kerminen, M.Kulmala. Dated 03.June.2019