Project Description

PEEX at EGU2020: PEEX meeting: SMP48 meeting will take place on Thursday, 7 May, 14:00-15:45 in room 0.16.
PEEX SESSION: ITS2.15/BG2.25 Pan-Eurasian EXperiment (PEEX) – Observation, Modelling and Assessment in the Arctic-Boreal Domain
Co-organized by AS4/CL2/CR7/GI6 Convener: Markku Kulmala | Co-conveners: Alexander Baklanov, Hanna Lappalainen, Sergej Zilitinkevich
Orals (I) Friday, 08 May 10:45–12:30, Room L7, (II) Friday, 08 May 14:00–15:45, Room L7, (III) Friday, 08 May 16:15–18:00, Room L7. Posters
Attendance time: Friday, 08 May 08:30–10:15, Welcome !! dated 24.Feb.2020