Project Description

August 2020 (postponed 2021) – Hyytiälä Summer Course – Formation and Growth of Atmospheric Aerosols

Institute for Atmospheric and Earth System Research (INAR) of University of Helsinki organizes, together with collaborators, the summer school ‘Formation and Growth of Atmospheric Aerosols’ on 10-19 August 2020 at the Hyytiälä SMEAR II station, in southern Finland. The course is aimed for PhD students and advanced MSc students in atmospheric sciences and is worth 5 ECTS. The topics covered in the course include, for example, the dynamics of atmospheric aerosols, the formation and growth of aerosol particles, climate and air quality effects of aerosol particles, and gas-phase chemistry related to aerosol formation. The main teachers of the course are Prof. Markku Kulmala and PhD Jenni Kontkanen. In addition, there will be several invited lecturers from INAR and other institutes. The course consists of lectures and exercises and there will be an exam at the end of the course. The course also includes a visit to the SMEAR II station and recreational events such as sauna, swimming, and excursions. The course fee is 1600 EUR. It covers all academic and social program during the course, accommodation and meals in Hyytiälä, and transportation between Helsinki and Hyytiälä. For doctoral students of University of Helsinki, the fee is covered by ATM-DP Doctoral Programme. For master students of ABS network universities (, part of the fee is covered by the ABS network. More details on the course program and registration will be provided in April.
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