Project Description

The Arctic Science Co-Operations (AASCO) session at the Arctic Science Summit Week 2024 (ASSW; took place in a hybrid mode (onsite/online) during 23-24 Mar 2024 in Edinburg, Scotland, UK.

The AASCO session goal was to strengthen connections among existing research communities interested in feedback research. Additionally, the aim is to formulate a science-based message directed at Arctic research policymakers and funding agencies. This will help consolidate efforts and contribute to a more effective and coordinated approach in addressing environmental challenges in the Arctic.

On 23rd March, the AASCO session focus was on the Arctic Feedbacks & Interactions – Research & Essential Variables / Shared Arctic Variables. The presentations delivered included – AASCO introduction and aims; Climate – air quality interactions; Insights from establishing global data flows for Essential Ocean Varibles: Detecting assets, gaps, and opportunities with the IOC-UNESCO Ocean Data and Information System; SAON ROADS process for the Shared Arctic Variables; Identification of key variables for the feedback analysis; Key variables and space EO data products for the cold region operations; Networks and communities whom could contribute to the identification of EVs.

On 24th March, the AASCO session focus was on the Arctic Feedbacks & Interactions – Data Fusion & Data Needs. The presentations delivered included – AI to fill in missing or incomplete information in datasets, EVE; Integrating models and observations for improved understanding of the Arctic climate system: CRiceS approach to multidisciplinary research; Arctic data availability (SIOS, WMO GAW, HiMAC, in-situ data and geopolitical situation); followed by discussions, comments, conclusions, messages for stakeholders, next steps.

Text by: Hanna K. Lappalainen, Tuukka Petäjä, Univ Helsinki – INAR