Project Description

The training school is an introductory course focusing on the variables and measurement techniques relevant to ACTRIS. It will take place online during 8-15 May 2023.

ACTRIS is a pan-European research infrastructure producing high-quality data and information on short-lived atmospheric constituents (aerosols, clouds and reactive trace gases) and on the processes leading to the variability of these constituents in natural and controlled atmospheres.

Course contents:
introduction to ACTRIS research infrastructure and data portal, data management and curation, data quality, open data. Basic principles behind the most important variables and measurement techniques in ACTRIS. During the course the students will formulate own research questions and use open data to answer them.

Learning outcomes:
after the course the participants will know what the ACTRIS infrastructure offers and how it is related to other environmental research infrastructures; know how ACTRIS data is produced and curated; how to use ACTRIS data for answering own research questions; know where to find more information about the data and measurements; familiarize with most important variables and measurement techniques related to aerosols, clouds and reactive trace gases, including their advantages and limitations.

Teaching methods:
the course consists of a pre-assignment, lectures, group work and a report to be handed in after the course. The lectures will be given via zoom. Participants will obtain a certificate corresponding to 5 ECTS after successful participation (attendance of lectures and completing all assignments).

Target group and prerequisites:
The course is intended to advanced master students, doctoral students and early-career scientists.

Details in pdf.

Contact: Prof. Katrianne Lehtipalo