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Aug 2022 – Summer School on Formation and growth of atmospheric aerosols

The Institute for Atmospheric and Earth System Research (INAR) of the University of Helsinki is organizing Summer School on “Formation and growth of atmospheric aerosols”. The event will take place at the Hyytiälä Forestry Station (Finland) during 8-19 August 2022.

The school is aimed at PhD students and advanced MSc students in atmospheric sciences. The topics covered included (tentative list): atmospheric aerosols; atmospheric observations of aerosol formation and growth; nucleation theory and computational methods; aerosol dynamics (condensation, coagulation, general dynamic equation), clouds and climate; large-scale modelling of atmospheric aerosols; organic aerosols; gaseous precursors of atmospheric aerosols and their chemistry; laboratory investigations of nucleation and nanoparticle growth; thermodynamics of aerosol formation; observations and measurement of sub-3 nm atmospheric clusters; chemical composition of atmospheric nanoparticles and clusters; air quality and climate interactions. The course is worth 5 credits of ECTS (European Credit Transfer System).

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