Project Description

The EU Polar Cluster Workshop on Russia Developments took place online on 6 May 2022 with more than 30 participants from different research organizations/ Universities. The meeting aimed at discussions on how the current situation concerning Russia has impacted EU Polar Cluster projects, how to create risk assessments for projects taking into consideration potential of conflicts and issues that might impact partnerships; how to manage data gaps caused by raised problems; how to find solutions or best practices to mitigate negative effects from an ever-changing world.

Experiences from ongoing the INTEARCT-III, SIOS, and other projects were shared. Then, the participants divided into group worked in several virtual rooms to discuss responses to these challenges/questions and to share experiences and best practices amongst the Polar Cluster members, and in particular, issues concerning access to infrastructure/facilities and data/datasets, expected deliverables and milestones, etc. in various ongoing projects.

Text by: Hanna Lappalainen, Alexander Mahura (University of Helsinki)