Project Description

June 2017 – Research Training Course – Online integrated meteorology-chemistry-aerosols modelling

The University of Helsinki (UHEL) in collaboration with the Russian State Hydrometeorological University (RSHU) organizers research training course on online integrated meteorology-chemistry-aerosols modelling to be held at the RSHU (26 Jun – 1 Jul 2017, St.Petersburg, Russia). The course content included the lecturing on advantages of on-line/ seamless modelling; Enviro-HIRLAM model schematics, structure, components, downscaling, collaboration, research and development, science education, dissemination, new products and applications; urban areas and their characteristics, urban boundary layer, approaches and treatment of land-cover/use and urbanization of the models; urban lands, urban districts in metropolitan areas: classification and characteristics; global aerosol cycles, aerosols feedbacks, emissions, aerosol microphysics and implementation in the models; examples of the model applications for Copenhagen, Paris, Shanghai and their metropolitan areas (from completed research projects), computational requirements and resources for operational runs. The lecturing also included a series of educational lectures on the monitoring of the ECMWF forecast system; group velocity thinking (in contrast to PV-thinking); statistical verification and validation of NWP systems; Kalman filtering of operational NWP;

Bayesian statistics; Coriolis force and Coriolis effect; questions of concern and importance for dynamical meteorology. See more information.