Project Description

During 24-27 October 2022, the Erasmus+ MODEST project ( participants visited the University of Helsinki (UHel; and the Hyytiälä research station ( in Finland. Participants of the MODEST project, including university lecturers and researchers, staff and PhD students from Armenia, Finland, Latvia and UK attended this MODEST event.

On 24th October, the programme started from a short tour on the Kumpula Campus of UHel, followed by educational visits to the aerosol/ chemistry laboratories, urban measurement station, visiting ICOS (Integrated Carbon Observation System) Head Office in Finland and FMI (Finnish Meteorological Institute). A series of presentations was delivered: Research infrastructure on greenhouse gases, FMI: Weather – Sea – Climate – Space, FMI contribution to education: Citizen Science and Oranssi Lumi initiative, Carbon Action verification method for carbon sequestration, UNA Europa education collaboration, Online education on climate change.

On 25th October, the participants visited (excursion for almost 2 h) multiple measurement sites of the SMEAR-II station (Station for Measuring Ecosystem Atmosphere Relations) at Hyytiälä. A series of presentations was delivered onsite by UHel well established as well as young researchers about overview of educational and research activities at the SMEAR-II station, science-oriented education approach at INAR (Institute for Atmospheric and Earth System Research) of UHel, Pan-Eurasian EXperiment Programme – research and education, MODEST Partners Universities education and research activities, including special lecture about the Finnish Sauna (followed by practical visit and experience on what is really the Finnish Sauna).

On 26th October, the participants visited (excursion for almost 1.5 h) the Siikaneva wetland measurement site, which is located not far from the Hyytiälä station. A series of presentations was delivered online by UHel PhD students about investigation of forest-atmosphere interactions with long-term datasets, sub-micrometer aerosol chemical composition in Hyytiälä, and measurement of aerosol optical properties of black carbon, advanced intensive courses at SMEAR-II – student’s and teacher’s perspective, and multi-scales and -processes modelling activities at INAR. Participants discussed also possibilities of collaboration in education and research activities between the Universities.

On 27th October, a series of meetings between the UHel teachers/ researchers/ students and participants of the visit took place, including meeting/ discussions about UHel’s international exchange programmes, strategic services, hybrid research and educational seminars arranged by INAR.

The materials (detailed programme, presentations delivered and photos) of this visit are available at:

Moreover, as outcome of the MODEST project due to fruitful collaboration between UHel and MODEST Partners, the MODEST project coordinator, the University of Latvia, and Armenian Partner, the Yerevan State University, will sign the PEEX Memorandum of Understanding to strengthen collaboration in joint educational and research activities/ proposals/ projects as well as students/ teachers/ researchers mobilities/ exchanges between the Universities.

Especial thanks and our gratitude to all colleagues (staff, teachers, researchers, students) from the UHel, FMI, ICOS and the Hyytiälä forestry field station for contribution in preparation and carrying out of this MODEST project event in Finland.

Text by: Timo Vesala, Katja Lauri, Sini Karppinen, Alexander Mahura (University of Helsinki)