Project Description

The Nordic countries have teamed up with Canada and Unite States to launch a NordForsk two-stage Call on the sustainable development of the Arctic. See announcement at:

The Call aim is to support research collaboration among participating countries in the Arctic region in order to bring forward new knowledge on how to ensure the sustainable development of the Arctic. The Call objective is to jointly fund interdisciplinary research projects of the highest international quality, with potential for impact and societal relevance, and with clear added value from multilateral collaboration. The three keywords can inspire applicants on developing their research ideas into proposals: Security, Natural Resources, and/or Societal Changes. The following aims are central to the Call: Interdisciplinarity, Sustainable Development, Arctic Added Value, Indigenous Perspectives

This Call is announced as a collaborative effort between the Research Council of Norway, the Research Council of Finland, the Swedish Research Council, the Independent Research Fund Denmark, the Research Council Faroe Islands, the Greenland Research Council, the Icelandic Centre for Research, with funding from the Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Innovation, the U.S. National Science Foundation, the Canada Research Coordinating Committee, the New Frontiers in Research Fund (Canada), and NordForsk.

Available budgets: (i) for Nordic partners: up to 190 million NOK (with amount of funding about 18-24 million NOK per project); (ii) for Canadian partners: up to 20 million CAD (2.5-4 million CAD per project); (iii) for USA partners: dependent on specific programme guidelines.

Duration of a project is 3-4 years.
Deadline for pre-proposals submission is 4 June 2024.

See/ read more details about this Call at:

Text: PEEX HQ Office in Helsinki