Project Description

The Horizon-2020 RI-URBANS ( project is collecting data from several sources, covering observational data of a range of different compounds, e.g., nanoparticles and atmospheric particulate matter, their sizes, constituents, and gaseous precursors at the ground and height profiles.

According to RI-URBANS Data Management Plan, datasets were compiled from EBAS database when available. These datasets were submitted to EBAS by the data owners under other programmes like EMEP, ACTRIS and GUAN. Further, a major compilation of datasets, from existing air quality supersites, not available at EBAS, was conducted in RI-URBANS. These data have been (or are being) submitted centrally to EBAS by RI-URBANS Partners and not by the data owners unless they already have been submitted to other programmes. All datasets compiled in RI-URBANS, including those not yet submitted to EBAS, have been made available in the RI-URBANS Intranet and some in secondary data repositories as an intermediate step before finally uploading these to EBAS.

Information about these datasets is available at:

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