Project Description

The PEEX collaboration online workshop took place on 6 June 2024. Participants, in total than 20 persons, from the Institute for Atmospheric and Earth System Research, University of Helsinki (INAR-UHEL, Finland) & the Institute of Mathematical Machines and Systems Problems, National Academy of Sciences (IMMSP-NAS, Ukraine) attended the workshop.

The workshop started from an overview talk about the PEEX Programme. It continued with a series of presentations by Ukrainian colleagues, and followed by talks of Finnish participants. These oral talks included: Review of atmospheric transport modelling in IMMSP;
Sea-level, temperature and salinity change in the Black Sea simulated for 2000-2100; 3D modelling of heat transfer and water quality in shallow waters; Lagrangian modelling of reactive contaminant transport in marine environment; Station for Measuring Ecosystem–Atmosphere Relation concept and measurements; Earth System Modelling; Seamless / online integrated multi-scales and -process modelling; Polar Ocean research; and others.

During discussions, Finnish and Ukrainian colleagues have considered: (1) monitoring suitable Calls by the Research Council of Finland (RCF; for joint proposals (research projects, collaboration, individual fellowships, etc.); (2) preparing proposals for the High Performance Computing projects at IT Center for Science Computing (CSC, Finland;; (3) possibility of individual proposals for visiting/ doing research at SMEAR-II (Hyytiala station, Finland); (4) attendance of online webinars arranged by UHEL-INAR and Atmosphere and Climate Competence Center (ACCC;; (5) attendance of educational courses/ trainings ( arranged by INAR-UHEL; (6) virtual exchanges for students as part of Erasmus+ Climate University for Virtual Exchanges (CLUVEX;; project (7) preparation of joint research proposals for Horizon Europe, RCF and FI-UA bilateral Calls, publications, presentations, etc.; (8) Joint co-supervision of students, possibility of short-term visits of Ukrainian students to UHEL (incl. conversion and acceptance of ECTS credits by Ukrainian Universities).
Moreover, it should be noted that the IMMSP team is ready for collaboration within the PEEX programme, and especially, in fields of atmospheric and marine modelling. The team is already (confirmed) a member of consortium for preparing proposal “COST Action for PEEX collaboration”.

Text by: Ivan Kovalets (IMMSP-NAS), Hanna Lappalainen, Alexander Mahura (INAR-UHEL)