Project Description

The IT Center for Science (CSC, Finland, provides opportunities for initiating and expanding collaboration between Finnish and international universities/ organizations in research and educational projects employing CSC’s computing infrastructure, computing resources, storage facilities, etc. Such opportunity is realised in a form of High-Performance-Computing (HPC) projects.

In particular, activities on the PEEX Modelling Platform (PEEX-MP) research and development are realised through HPC projects in a field of the Earth Sciences and Environment. Three of such research projects with employing of the Enviro-HIRLAM (Environment-HIgh Resolution Limited Area Model; seamless/online integrated multi-scales and -processes modelling system allow to strengthen, expand and improve international collaboration among the PEEX Partners.

New CSC’s HPC research projects recently started are the following: (1) “INTegrated URBan Environmental Modeling: from Development to Implementation” (in collaboration with PI Prof. Igor Esau, The Arctic University of Norway, UiT, Tromsø, Norway); (2) “Influence of Aerosol-Cloud-Meteorology interactions on extreme weather events under Land use/ land Cover Changes” (with PI Dr. Larysa Pysarenko, Ukrainian Hydrometeorological Institute, UHMI, Kyiv, Ukraine); and (3) “Effects of Aerosol-Cloud-Meteorology interactions on Extreme Weather events under Anthropogenic Impact” (with Dr. Mykhailo Savenets, Ukrainian Hydrometeorological Institute, UHMI, Kyiv, Ukraine).

Text by: Alexander Mahura, Univ Helsinki – INAR