Project Description

A series of presentations from the PEEX collaborating Partners will be delivered during the European Geosciences Union (EGU) General Assembly 2024 (; 14-19 Apr 2024, Vienna, Austria).

The European Erasmus+ CLUVEX educational project (; 1 Jul 2023 – 30 Jun 2026) will be presented at the session EOS2.1 “Open session on Teaching & Learning in Higher Education” ( The presentation by Lappalainen et al. is entitled “CLUVEX – Climate University for Virtual Exchanges” ( and will overview the first year activities in preparatory steps for Virtual Exchanges (VE) and training of moderators who will educate students (from Universities of Denmark and Finland and countries of the Neighbourhood East region) to became the Climate Messengers during so-called VE Weeks. The emergence of new Climate Messengers, equipped with expertise in climate awareness and sustainability strategies, is highly relevant in today’s labour markets.

The main results and outcomes of the PEEX-MP-Europa3 HPC research projects ( on “Integrated Modelling for Assessment of Potential Pollution Regional Atmospheric Transport as Result of Accidental Wildfires” and on “Integrated Modelling and Analysis of Influence of Land Cover Changes on Regional Weather Conditions/ Patterns” will be presented at the session AS3.18”Atmospheric Composition and Numerical Weather Forecasting” ( The presentations by Savenets et al. and Pysarenko at al. are entitled “Near-surface meteorology changes driven by aerosol effects during the April 2020 wildfires in the Chornobyl Exclusion Zone, Ukraine” ( and “A case study of aerosol effects impact on key meteorological characteristics in Ukraine during heat wave event in July-August 2010” (, respectively.

Text by: PEEX HQ Office, Helsinki