Project Description

The PEEX special session on “Contribution on air quality in Mega and Gigacities” will be held during the 14th International Conference on Air Quality (; Helsinki, Finland, 13-17 May 2024). The Conference (organized and hosted by the University of Helsinki and Finnish Meteorological Institute) is for researchers and experts in the field of air quality, and it focused on sharing latest advancements and research findings among research and expert communities.

The planned PEEX session will include (based on submitted abstracts) a series of oral and poster presentations (from researchers from European countries and China) about effects of atmospheric new particle formation on air quality, overview of key projects for environment and climate smart megacities, interactions of gigacity, multi-scale meteorology and haze, satellite view of new particle formation in Chinese gigacity, vertical pollutant transportation through mountain valley breeze in city atmosphere, and other topics. Abstracts to be published and available as a Report Series of the Finnish Association for Aerosol Research (FAAR;

Note that the AQ conference main themes include: (i) Development, application and evaluation of air quality (AQ) related models for local to global scales; (ii) AQ monitoring and Earth observations; (iii) Air pollution sources and emissions; (iv) Health and environmental impacts; (v) AQ policies and regulations; and (vi) Climate change and AQ.

Among special sessions, there are also sessions on Transport emissions and policies; Machine learning/ AI supported air quality monitoring and modelling; Emissions from Europe’s livestock farming; Science and policy for clan air and caron neutral cities; From smart cities to citizen scientists. See more details at:

Detailed programme (see at will be published in due time.

Text by: PEEX HQ Office, Helsinki