Project Description

The SVALGREEN workshop was organized by SIOS and GIOS. The WS discussed the scientific potential that exists across in the largest climatic gradient in the northernmost part of the Nordic region, from warm Svalbard to cold Northeast Greenland. “Here rapid climate change is taking place in combination with new opportunities for increased Nordic collaboration in the present geopolitical situation. The aim of the workshop was to enhance collaboration between and within this Nordic area across this large climatic gradient on data collection, based on what is already established in SIOS (Svalbard) & GIOS (Greenland), but also for increased research & advice, operations & logistics use, as well as in higher education”.

The scientific potential of SVAL-GREEN gradient studies were introduced by providing short status of existing activities on atmosphere, geosphere, biosphere, hydrosphere, cryosphere, society & people, remote sensing perspectives. Furthermore, presentation of the research collaboration potential were given on Arctic Hub in Greenland, funding opportunities by Nordforsk and The Norwegian Research Council. Pan-Eurasian Experiment (PEEX) / Arctic Science Collaborations (AASCO) and Svalbard Science Forum were introduced as potential research collaboration assets for the Nordic and Arctic collaboration. Panel discussion between ministry members, scientists, science administrators and the floor on the possibilities was focusing on: Climate and environmental change in the SVALGREEN transect, Infrastructure and logistics in the SVALGREEN area, Sustainable development of the SVALGREEN area (e.g. new shipping routes, renewable and non-renewable resources, tourism, safety at land and sea, security) joint research, consultancy, and education initiatives.