Project Description

The Scientific Symposium “The Cold is Getting Hot: From Arctic to Antarctic” was organized in Monaco on 24-25.Feb.2022. The symposium gathered together scientist interested in the Arctic and Antarctic research and future research questions. The representatives of the convening partners of the symposium and the new initiative (Oceanographic Institute, Prince Albert I of Monaco Foundation, International Arctic Science Committee, Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research) addressed the importance of the cross-institutional and interdisciplinary collaboration.

Also the new Polar Initiative Memorandum of Understanding was launched on 24.Feb. The initiative builds on a 4-year program for 2022-2025. The targets areas of the initiative are science, policy, capacity building and conservation action. Polar Initiative provides opportunity for the AASCO, the Arctic Science collaboration, to continue. AASCO is a 2 year project (2020 – 2023) funded by Prince Albert foundation and coordinated by INAR, University of Helsinki. AASCO has organized two high profile scientific meetings focused on the gap analysis of the Arctic land – atmosphere – ocean feedbacks and interactions.

AASCO videos